The Quayle Vice Presidential Learning Center | Symbols of Indiana
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Symbols of Indiana

Symbols of Indiana

1816-2016  200 Years!

Did you know that the blue and gold in the Indiana flag stand for specific meanings?  Is the sun rising or setting on the Seal of the State of Indiana – and what difference might that make?  What’s a “Hoosier”?  Your students will learn these and other facts about the symbols of our great state.  This program is perfect for your December 11th Indiana birthday celebration.  Remember, Indiana’s 200th birthday is coming in 2016!

Your Students Will Learn:

The history and symbolism of the Indiana flag

The origin of the name “Indiana”

Where the term “Hoosier” came from

The state motto and various state symbols

The history and symbolism of the Seal of the State of Indiana

Indiana State Standards For Social Studies: 
4.1.16, 4.1.18, 4.3.3